Booty E-Book – Home Guide // 12 week plan

15.00 - 15.00 incl. BTW/VAT

The Booty E-Book – Home Guide is a 12 week workout plan to perform in the comfort of your own home. Our goal is to help you build, tone and shape your booty and legs.


  • Exercise Dictionary:

    Here you will find all the exercises explained with pictures and text. The exercises are alphabetically arranged. All these exercises will be used during the 12-week plan.

  • The Workouts:

    Here you will find 14 different workouts, 9 full Toolkit workouts and 5 specific Tool workouts. The exercises, sets and repetitions will be displayed here. If you don’t know how to perform an exercise, you can look back at the dictionary.

  • 12 Week Schedule:

    Here you will find three different 4-week plans. Every week you will have to do 3 different workouts. If you want to train 4 times a week instead of 3, you can do the optional “One Tool Only Workouts” in the weekends.

  • Nutrition Information:

    Here you will find tips about how you should eat to maximize your results.

We recommend buying this E-book in combination with our “Booty Toolkit HOME”.

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