Booty Band Heavy


The Booty Band can be used during all your leg and booty workouts in the gym, at home or on vacation. You can perform more than 30 different booty exercises with our Booty Band going from hip thrusts and squats – to reverse hypers and kickbacks. In our Booty Academy we show you different tutorials on how to use this band (click here).

The Large Band is 37cm long, the Medium Band is 35cm long and the Small Band is 33cm long. The smaller the band, the harder it gets. If you are used to other resistance bands and you want the heaviest one we have, choose Small. Only make sure the Band fits around your legs (Small = small circumfence). If you are a beginner and never worked with resistance Bands before we recommend our pink Light Bands.

The Booty Band is made of fabric and rubber which makes it very durable. It will not snap, lose its strenght or roll up on itself like the traditional plastic bands do. On the inside of the band we’ve added two rubber anti-slip lines to prevent the Band from sliding up your leg during use.


The new Booty Bands (launched 01/19) are upgraded with a fabric logo.


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