Booty Band Marble – Heavy

19.50 - 19.50 incl. BTW/VAT

The Booty Band can be used during multiple exercises at home or at the gym.  This Band is often used for activation exercises, burnout exercises and to make your big lifts more intense. The Booty Band is made of a durable fabric that doesn’t roll up, break or lose its strength. On the inside we’ve added two big rubber anti-slip lines to prevent the Band from moving.
Small resistance (light):

Our marble booty bands are slightly harder than our pink ones. We recommend this resistance level to beginners or for exercises that require bigger movements. If you have never used booty bands before, we suggest this band or our lightest band in pink.

Medium resistance (medium):

We recommend this resistance level to people who have already worked out before but want to make their workouts a bit more intense. This band is perfect for the average gym go-er.

Large resistance (heavy):

This heavy Booty Band is perfect for advanced lifters. We recommend this resistance level if you are used to training with resistance bands but want to make it even more intense.

All bands have a circumfence of 35cm.

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