Booty Band Light

22.00 - 22.00 incl. BTW/VAT

The Light Booty Band can be used during multiple exercises at home or at the gym. This Band is easy to push open and is perfect for beginners. This Band is often used for activation exercises, burnout exercises and to adjust your form during big lifts. The Light Band is for example often used as a reminder to push your knees open during squats to prevent knees caving in.

You can place the Light Band above your knees, underneath your knees or around your ankles. The lower you place the band, the harder it gets.

The Light Booty Band is made of a durable fabric that doesn’t roll up, break or lose its strength. On the inside we’ve added a big rubber anti-slip line to prevent the Band from sliding.

BE AWARE this band is best for beginners. If you stretch the Band too far open (> x2 it’s starting size) the Band can get damaged. If you are a more advanced athlete we recommend the Heavy Band.


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